Costa d’Argento, after 10 years…..

I want to say thank you for the well organised tour, the bus trips were well thought out and gave us all a wonderful impression of the area. I first visited Costa d’Argento over 10 years ago and I wish I had been back since then!

My hotel (Torre dell’Osa) was fantastic, the cleanliness 100%, beautiful well kept grounds and pool, wonderful breakfast of very good quality products (many hotels seem to offer inferior and cheap quality products)and the staff were some of the pleasant and most helpful I have had the pleasure to meet.

The gala dinner/dance was great fun, great food, very good music, we walked back to the hotel at 2am, having had a most enjoyable evening.

The workshop (set in the grounds of the hotel with views over the pool, it would be great to have my office there everyday!)was in need of more suppliers but I did manage to make a few interesting contacts.

I have advised my office we must try to create a programme there for our clients.

Barry Pearson
Idyllic Italy by Bridgewater

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